Why Dave’s Midnight Bakery, you ask? Well, I spent the eight years working 60-100 hour weeks, and the only time I had to create and bake was in the middle of the night — hence, Dave’s Midnight Bakery. In late 2010, I decided to leave behind my old career and start working on the baking company full time.

I was born allergic to dairy — not lactose intolerant, but allergic. I would break out in hives and have severe breathing problems, so my entire life I’ve had to be careful of what I ate. Because of this, I’ve always looked for alternatives, particularly with my favorite food — cookies! So, I started baking with no eggs or dairy, and then in 2009, someone close to me told me she was gluten intolerant. Feeling her pain in being limited, I began to bake gluten free. Being health conscious and concerned about pesticides and genetically modified foods, as well as the social ramifications of our food, we use all natural ingredients and organic and fair-trade chocolate, coconut and evaporated cane juice.

I hope you love the cookies and baked goods from Dave’s Midnight Bakery! Please contact me with any questions you might have.

Much love,
David Fink


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